Stardew Valley Best Crops For Every Season

Stardew Valley: Best Crops For Every Season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)


Stardew Valley Best Crops For Every Season

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What’s Stardew Valley?

It isa game of farming where you have a farm, different farm animals and crops you have to grow.

The farm has been in your inheritance from granddad and now you have to work on it. There are a few resources like some coins and basic tools to start working on farm. You got to work somake your name in the community.

How to Make Money from Crops

In start you only have 500 coins with which you have to grow crops and get more money through these crops selling.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Invest as Soon as Possible

Use the given seeds and grow them into the specific crops and start selling them to get instant money. With that money buy more seeds to grow.

2. Select Your Crops Carefully

You have to take care while selecting the crops to grow that should be according to the season in order to avoid loss.

3. Choose the Most Valuable Crops for Each Seasons

Along with selecting the right crops according to season and you can also develop greenhouse to grow any season’s crop.

So the tip is to select the crop that will grow fast and hence you get money fast.

Here’s a list of the crops for every season that will let you get profits.

Best Spring Crops

  • Strawberries

You can get these seeds from Spring Egg Festival and harvest in few days. These are vey valubal seeds. Planning though is syill needed to do get the maximum outcome from these crops.

  • Rhubarb

Rhubarbs can be bought from Sandy in the Desert for 100g, and will bring you around 9g a day.

  • Potatoes

If you don’t prefer going to the desert, you can wait and buy potatoes from the festival, as they can profit a lot as well. They cost 80g, and give around 8g a day.

  • Cauliflower

For a giant cauliflower, you need to have a 3×3 square land to plant its seedsand will make a lot of profit through this.

  • Green beans

You have to plant these in the start of the season, so that you can yield them up to 6 times.

Best Summer Crops

  • Blueberries

A blueberry makes a lot of profit and can be yielded after every four days. In order for maximum yield one has to plant them at the very first day of summer.

  • Hot Peppers

These are expensive crops but also give a lot of profit. These can be harvested after 3 days and goes up to 8 times each season.

  • Star fruit

It is also an expensive crop but can be sold for good profit. Its seeds can be purchased from only Sandy at the Desert.

  • Red Cabbages

This crop seeds can be bought from a general store. This crop will produce about 18g each day.

Best Fall Crops

  • Cranberries

These are the highly profitable crops for fall and do purchase it if you have handsome amount of money.

  • Pumpkins

It’s similar to cauliflower; you need 3×3 land space and they become giant crops.

  • Grapes

This crop can be cultivated for about 6 times each season after every 3 days. The cost of its seeds is just 60g. It is a cheap crop but it provides a good profit.

Multi-seasonal crops

Multi-seasonal crops can be grown and cultivated for two seasons.

Such crops include:

  • Sunflower
  • Wheat
  • Corn

They can grow through both seasons: summer and fall.

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